Charitable Projects 2017

The Children’s Trust 

The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injuries providing therapy and rehabilitation for children following a serious accident or illness.  Every child that goes to The Children’s Trust for rehabilitation is reliant on specialist items of equipment to help them to relearn their lost skills and help them to make the best recovery possible. The Story of Christmas is providing a range of essential specialist items of equipment for the children such as bespoke wheelchairs, adapted trikes and standing frames.


To counter the challenges of youth homelessness, Depaul is creating the first London Endeavour Centre. Located at Sherborne House in Southwark, the Centre will be a welcoming and purpose-built hub, bringing together young people, volunteers and dedicated staff. It will offers a range of key services including the emergency accommodation project, Nightstop London and access to support services and educational development. The Story of Christmas is supporting the capital costs of the development.

Haven House Children’s Hospice

Haven House Children’s Hospice wants to move its bereavement suite out of the busy care environment to a room next to the family accommodation to give privacy to families with children at end of their lives.  The former bereavement suite will then be transformed into a dedicated en suite teenage living space. The Story of Christmas is supporting this renovation.


Place2Be provides expert counselling inside 282 schools in the poorest parts of the UK, giving children tools to grow up with resilience and opportunities. Place2Be is keen to reach out to more children by providing expert professional development programmes to education and counselling professionals. The Story of Christmas is supporting three training rooms which will teach Place2Be staff, volunteers, and the wider children’s workforce to work therapeutically with children. Based on current growth rates, Place2Be conservatively estimates they will train 6,000 people each year by 2020, reaching 380,000 children – thanks to the vital support from The Story of Christmas.


SHP@Home is a children’s home that will cater for children aged 10-16 who have experienced abuse, neglect and rejection. Children housed at SHP@Home will be those with complex needs often caused by trauma in their early years. The children’s home will provide an environment of safety alongside the structure of family routine. It will comprise of two adjacent terraced houses, joined by an extension at the back. This design uniquely enables the home to accommodate boys and girls together in their day-to-day routine, whilst separating them at night into their gender specific homes. The Story of Christmas is supporting the establishment of this home.

St Mungo’s

St Mungo’s will renovate four self-contained flats for current and former rough sleepers, providing a new kitchen and bathroom for each flat. The refurbishment will help residents to develop the key independent living skills needed to lead a more fulfilling future and leave homelessness behind for good. The security of a stable home is one of the first steps in helping people to rebuild their lives, and the upkeep of the building can have a significant psychological impact. Well-furnished accommodation helps these vulnerable people feel better able to focus on their recovery with dignity.


XLP Youth Engagement

The Story of Christmas is purchasing and converting a new 14-seater minibus to facilitate XLP’s important programme of residential trips, summer camps, challenge events and arts and sports projects. This will benefit over 800 children and young people each year, who live on some of the most deprived estates in inner London. They face complex issues in their home lives, struggle in education, are in danger of involvement in gangs or anti-social behaviour, lack self-esteem and often have negative attitudes towards anyone in a position of authority and towards their peers.


Foundation Partners 2018